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  1. Why Do Most Companies Outsource Their Recruitment?

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    One of the most important decisions you must make in business, is hiring the right people to represent your business. There are so many good reasons to outsource your recruitment and many benefits you will realise from doing such. Whether you are looking to outsource all or part of your recruitment process, or you need to find those key individuals to compliment your team, recruitment companies have the experience and resources to help.

    So, the question is, why do most companies outsource recruitment?

    It allows you to concentrate on your business: Most small organisations are not in the hiring business, whereas larger companies may have a recruiting team. In either case of smaller or larger businesses, recruiting new staff can take you away from your business. This is especially true for smaller companies that probably don’t have someone with recruiting expertise. Outsourcing your recruitment is so beneficial, because it allows the recruitment company to do what they do best. Which means, it gives your organisation more time to concentrate on what you do best.

    Cost: Companies outsource recruitment is to reduce their costs. A recruitment company can save you money, as they will only send you suitable candidates. This means your turn over will reduce, which in turn will save your organisation money. In house recruitment only works if there is experience of the industry within your organisation. Poorly managed recruitment processes equal bad candidate placements.

    You can’t find qualified candidates: Some organisations have difficulty finding qualified people for their advertised vacancies. The problem may have nothing to do with the applicants. Many times, the problem is due to the limited locations that you are advertising on, to attract people to apply for the vacancy. Recruitment organisations are experienced in finding you the right candidates.

    You can’t keep up with demand: Rapid growth companies, or those that have seasonality, often have difficulty keeping up with recruiting demands. Fast-growing companies many times can’t keep up with hiring and recruiting, while those that have seasonal fluctuations may need to hire a lot of help very quickly. Outsourcing your recruitment helps you handle the high demand and the seasonal fluctuations.


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