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  1. How to Build Relationships with Influencers; Part Two

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    Did you miss Part One? You can read it here!

    How can I develop an overall influencer strategy? As with everything in marketing, you need to have a clear objective for your influencer marketing efforts. You need to create clear, measurable goal, with realistic results.

    For example, you could aim to connect with five different, relevant businesses within six months, that you would like to partner with. You could create a piece of useful, interesting and engaging content that attracts 1,000 new visitors to your website; everyone loves a good read! Especially influencers! Showing your commitment and passion will be a top brownie point for influencers; providing value is absolute gold!

    Something to bear in mind; your exact strategy will depend on the type of business you own, your general marketing aims, and the type of influencer you are targeting. If you are new to this, developing a tiered approach for connecting with influencers is a good start. It can be a real challenge to get the attention of the key influencers, but if you post often and provide great content, which will show you are knowledgeable, then you will be noticed.

    Can I connect with influencers? Of course! It requires time and research, but if you want to connect with influencers, this is a fantastic way of building trust.

    Sending an email or picking up the phone can work, but contacting people in this way is always better if they have an idea of who you are. Also, their time is precious, as is yours, so making sure you have a plan is essential for when you do connect with them.

    You can use social media to start building influencer relationships before you are ready to launch a campaign. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook; answer their questions, help them with their problems and share their content. By proving value, you are building relationships on trust; and that is key. When you need advice with an influencer campaign, they will already know who you are, and they will gladly help; because they trust you and you provide value!

    It is always possible to meet potential influencers in person; by attending events and conferences. Networking is a fantastic way to meet new people and build relationships, and influencers go to networking events. Attending conferences is a great way to keep up to date with the business world and industry leaders, and to meet influencers. When you get the opportunity to meet an influencer, make sure the value you are offering them is immediately clear. Our time is precious!

    How can I measure my results? What you measure and how will depend on what you are aiming to achieve. If it is possible to measure something that is relevant to a marketing campaign, then you should measure it.

    Some examples of things you should include are:

    • The number of links to, and mentions of, your website you generated
    • The amount of traffic from the links you gained, and the number of sales that resulted
    • The number of social media mentions your campaign gained
    • The number of meaningful influencer relationships you have created


    What’s next? The next step is to analyse your results and see what you can do better next time. This should be the case with all your marketing efforts.

    Did you receive any feedback on your content? If so, go over it and work out what improvements can be made for your next piece of content. Did it take you longer than anticipated to connect with influencers? If so, you may want to spend more time connecting and building relationships.

    No matter how well, or not so well a marketing campaign went, it is always possible to improve things for next time. That’s the joy of marketing; it evolves and becomes something better. Look at the data you have gathered from your website including analytics, your interactions with influencers on social media and use it to make sure your next marketing campaign is even better!


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  2. How to Build Relationships with Influencers; Part One

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    If you are running a business, the chances are you are trying to attract more customers to your website. Maybe you are already well established, and have existing methods of attracting customers, such as pay per click advertising. Or you may have just started your business and are considering as many marketing techniques as possible.

    Whatever your position, building relationships with influencers is an absolute must. Influencers are called influencers for a reason, and they are huge in the business world. Here are the basics of why influencers matter and to how you can build relationships with them:

    What are influencers? Influencers are people who already have the attention of the audience you are trying to reach with your product or service. They will have a strong following of people, who are interested in what they are promoting. There are influencers in all sectors; from social media, marketing, retail, fashion, travel, recruitment…the list is endless!

    If they can connect you with the people you are trying to reach, then they are an influencer. Angelina Jolie, J K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Tony Robins and Bill Gates are huge influencers; however, influencers don’t have to be famous. Influencers can be business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, fashion designers, food critics, authors, chefs, bloggers, marketers; again, the list is endless. The point is, their followers value them for what they provide and that is why they are an influencer.

    How can I understand my target audience and why does it matter? As a business owner, to understand the kinds of people who make up these groups, and what makes them tick is essential. This can seem like an impossible mission, but whatever your product or service is, there is a target market for it.

    The key is to build up a comprehensive understanding of your potential customers. The way to do this is through developing customer personas. Creating customer personas is a great idea, as they allow you to build up a generalised profile of each type of potential customer you might expect to do business with. This way, you can get a good overview of how you should be marketing your product or service.

    These personas will help you with all your marketing, not just influencer marketing. Once you have developed your personas, you can use them to start understanding the type of influencers you should be targeting.

    What should I look for in a potential influencer? By creating your personas, you may have already uncovered some potential influencers. For example, if you discovered that your potential customers are likely to buy a certain product, then anyone who promotes that product is an influencer you should be interested in. You can use tools like Buzzstream to search relevant key phrases and uncover people with a popular social media presence.

    You may be wondering why these people would actually want to promote your businesses. Influencers are passionate about what they promote and that’s the key. You can’t buy passion and passion sells, because the person promoting it believes in it. Understanding how your business can provide a mutually beneficial opportunity to these influencers will be a key part of your marketing efforts. Just remember, anything is possible!

    See Part Two of this blog next week!


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    Are you an organisation looking for a new recruitment company? Contact us at hello@trapezerecruitment.co.uk.