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  1. Is My CV Okay?

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    If you are asking this question, it most probably could be improved. Your CV is your one and only sales tool to get you an interview, potentially for your dream job. Do you spend time making sure that you have included all your skills, experience, qualifications and training relevant to the job you are applying for? Or just attach the same CV you sent for the last position you applied for?

    Prior to pressing submit on a job application, have you made a note of all the buzz words included in the job advert or job description and incorporated these in your CV or covering letter? Everything in life is about speed, and time is money. We very much doubt all potential employers read every word in a CV, if the CV in front of them does not make them want to read on, they won’t. They haven’t got the time to find the attributes that they are looking for, they want these attributes to stand out from the outset and if they do, then they are sure to read on and want to know more about you thus arrange an interview.

    Invest time in your CV before pressing submit and think about what the person reading your CV wants to see. No matter your experience, skills or education, be proud of your CV and truly sell yourself. But think before you submit.

    Top Tips:

    1. Take the time to amend your CV for different jobs you apply for.
    2. Use buzz words in you CV or covering letter that have been included in the advert – of course only if they apply to you.
    3. Make sure the most relevant skills and experience are at the beginning of your CV, encouraging the potential employer to read on.
    4. Ensure your spelling and grammar is accurate throughout.
    5. Sell yourself!


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